across the floor i glide alone

crystal chandeliers cast shadows of sparkling diamonds across the faded wood floor

how our feet shuffled gracefully to the song that played when our hearts were one

your hair like shimmering strands of spun gold as i twirled you in front of me

your cheeks flushed as i dipped you ever so low and how your eyes locked upon mine

if you had asked me to pull down the stars so they could nestle upon your chest

the odes i wrote as i stared into your endless majesty, the words flowing effortlessly

as each light went dark, as the music slowly went sank into taunting hints on the breeze

i never stopped loving you even as you fell farther from our lovers embrace an inch at a time

now i walk slowly across that same floor with only the tinkling of crystals as company

the distant pulse of thunder sending it crashing down i move in time to a silent symphony

one two three turn one two three turn spin and stare into the empty room where love once thrived

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