i savored the flavor of your every kiss, saved them in a jar for later rainy days reminiscing

when the day came, the one i feared more than any other, one draped in signage of coming soon

this jar of cast away affection was all i had to fill me, emptiness became the new fuflillment

then as i skipped down the hazy days of recollection, i tripped over a stone of misremembered you

the jar broke and every stray kiss caught wind and vanished from my outstretched hands

now all i have is the false memory of your lips upon mine as i traipse the halls of sorrow

i don’t know if i still love you, or the sense of you that keeps my guts churning into the night

the fragrance of you has become a pesticide killing off the things of me i once held dear

the heavy corpse of lapsed regret makes skipping a burden and walking upright impossible

so to you, the you that will always be the u in us, the you in which i must bid a tearful adieu

i still have one kiss in my a locket i never remove, an in case of emergency, of emergent need

one i hope to never use, one last petal on the final blossom on the clinging vine of hope long dead

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