a murder of her design

where once lay a heart
just a fist sized mass
of tumors
and scars
a copy of a copy
the original torn out
consumed by ravens
another jewel
set to rest upon the crown
that sits so lightly
upon her head

crowns and crows
of love
tinged with loss
the spring wind
carries the scent
of death
intertwined with pollen
a mixed message
renewal and remorse
her hands like talons
her gaze
silk soaked with vinegar

crawling across the floor
the wreckage of love
like scattered memories
shards of her
bloody knees
worn to the bone
she sits regally
on that throne
polished ivory
the candlelight dances
across the crown
beset with broken promises

of thrones and thorns
jagged bits of hope
crowns and crows
a hunger to consume
tumors and truths
drained of will
of love
languid loss
just another bird
set free
to be enslaved
a murder of her design


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