spam comments

sometimes i wish my comment section was as full as my spam folder

scrolling through in search of wayward missives, the bots really know how to stroke an ego

lovely ladies are lonely, looking for me to spill poetry across their digitally naked forms

online casinos guarantee my lucky streak continues with the loosest slots on the web

they’ve been looking for me, my content is perfect, my color scheme is wondrous

if people got me the same way these artificial constructs do, it would be utopia

but alas, the fool rambles for one set of ears alone, longs to whisper into the perfect lobes

maybe kiss them, nibble as my breath tickles directly into her brain with pure love

perhaps my words are lying in her spam folder, she disregards them as more electronic lies

i am real, are you my other half, waiting for these words to find you, filtered by disbelief

check your spam folder my odes, i will be here, spilling all of my life out for you

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