six things for when the silence becomes smothering




reach out to a friend


listen to music


construct a new galaxy inside your mind. slowly populate it with new forms of life. you are the creator. make them do whatever you want. floods. volcanos.


avoid traffic while walking


scratch that. the power will go to your head and soon you will never leave this false reality.


get a pet


write shitty poetry

1 +2)

walk with a friend. don’t push friend into traffic.

1 + 3)

listen to music as you walk. still avoid traffic. not conducive to bringing friend as you can only listen to one or the other.


what color was the sky in your world? hypothetically speaking. mine was lavender.

1 +5)

walk you pet. avoiding traffic. best with a dog i assume. or jaguar.


did you make people?

4 + 6)

did they write shitty poetry? at least one of them did. became poet laureate of your new world. wrote successful books. went on a book tour. inspired more shitty poetry. it becomes like a plague. soon your people are no longer leaving their homes. they are writing shitty poetry. the forests are chopped down. soon the atmosphere becomes unbreathable. you’re forced to intervene. you send them a list of six things to stop the poetry.

it starts with


walk. but you worry about them. so you tell them to avoid traffic. soon the world you’ve created is the same as this world. indistinguishable. the silence is back.

where am i?

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