a little man

i had been watching him for days, his beady eyes and think lips always stretched into an angry line on his weak chinned face

to say i disliked him is akin to saying pompeii was warm in the year seventy nine, or that water is slightly wet to the touch

he smiled and waved to everyone that passed him but snarled and muttered once they were far enough away, he is total trash

he has dogs on choke chains, i saw him happily yank back the chain for no reason other than to hear the poor dogs whine

he is a little man, with a little heart a little brain and a little limp cock that hangs sadly in his little hand as he angrily mashes it

he is shit in a skin bag, the grass grows brown as he walks across it, the birds stop singing as he passes, babies cry when he smiles

but the last straw, was when he stood outside smoking and talking to loudly on his phone, bragging about things that never happened

a kitty, orange and tiny, made the mistake of meowing to him, i saw his eyes grow flat and those things lips flicker into a smile

i was up and moving before he could fully rear back his foot, charging across the parking lot like grim death come for pay

he had barely placed his foot back on the ground as my fist caught his nose, the only thing of significant size on his entire body

he let out a whoosh as his head snapped back and the satisfying crunch of bone breaking rang like the bells of a church at midday

he fell to a heap on the dirty concrete next to his discarded cigarette butts, writhing pain as blood ran between his fingers

the little orange kitty stared at me from behind the bush, watching me curiously before venturing out to her a better look

then it squatted and let loose a spray of pungent gold directly onto the face of stain that would have kicked it for no reason

i reached down, scratched it’s little ears and listened to the rumble of it’s purr before heading in to get a bowl of milk

the kitty comes by every morning for milk, and the scumbag avoids us both, just whistles as he breathes, looking like a raccoon

he knows i am watching him, and that any man that would kick a cat or choke a dog, is not really a man at all, just waste of oxygen

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