what is this

fake a smile ignore the pain this too shall pass, eat aspirin like candy aspiring to be somewhere on the border of more or less than what this is

what is this

heaven is closed for empty vessels like me, hell is concerned i’ll take over, purgatory is pack to the rafters with unbelievers and i am terrible with crowds

just me and a meat cleaver, standing in a leather apron trying to figure out which piece to excise first, slicing bits of failure into deli meat for the crowd

come one, come all, the fool shall eradicate the pain by inflicting deft wounds and screaming songs of despair, a nickel to get in, earplugs are twenty five bucks

save your cash, in the end he just sobs on stage in a puddle of his own half baked remorse, reticent in the face of truth, petulant and alone with his empty words

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