2 years

two years ago i had an idea to make a blog that dealt with being single in the modern age

being single in the modern age broke open the well of depression i have always dealt with

i was forced to look at myself in a new way through new lenses and give up the pursuit of love

so i began to write again after years of stopping of not believing in myself or seeing any talent

now i have made friends with great poets and had a collection of short stories published

i have poems in books and stories in anthologies and more to come and more and more and more

it really started with persephone spilling out over twelve thousand words in a rush of six days

but this little blog was born two years ago today and that was the unwitting catalyst of the fool

so happy birthday manic word depot thank you fo giving me an outlet to release my thoughts

and thank you to you dear reader for following the growth from caterpillar to mothra

i wonder where life will take me and the blog in the next two years but i hope we find out together

hugs and sloppy wet kisses


19 thoughts on “2 years

  1. I was late to the party…..missed the beginning but have so enjoyed reading it in full swing. Where indeed will the next two years take you….. and the party guests. Congratulations on all you have achieved by allowing your truth to escape the cocoon.

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