he ignored the warning signs
as he skipped
along the edge of cliff
choosing ignorance
as his saving grace
eyes set upon the ending
he imagined
not the one
in front of him

so when
loose soil began
to irrevocably fall
he found himself
tumbling over
to a certain death
he had no one
to blame
but himself

yet still
he managed to affect
as it fell apart around him
managed to seek
someone else
to accuse
for the failure to heed
what was plainly written

if ignorance is bliss
he is truly
in his steadfast refusal
to acknowledge things
so clearly
spelled out
while wearing blinders to keep
his fragile self image secure


4 thoughts on “cliff

  1. this is excellent…. I remember a time when all the signposts were clearly marked and I was talking with a friend about some dubious plan to go forward, she quoted Cynthia Bourgeault “sometimes we end up waving to ourselves as we go over the waterfall” and over I went…… just part of the human condition

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