self amputee

a summer day
in a bright and deceitful
he stumbles about
in full plate armor
designed to protect himself
from untold danger
that lives
only in his mind

jumping at shadows
hearing whispers
on the breeze
he manages to exist
long forgoing living
finding it to be safer
if bland
letting the seconds
tick themselves into forever

back against a wall
nothing can surprise him
at the expense
of experience
he eeks out
a semblance
of the things
he watches
through veiled eyes

he tried
once upon a time
the bitter taste of regret
still burns
the back of his throat
now he contents himself
with being a spectator
preferring to listen
to the laughter

a novice self amputee
cutting the things off
that he feels
to be extraneous
detrimental to peace
not knowing
he fights a constant war
of attrition
with his own helplessness

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