sudden stop

there was no freer feeling
as a kid
than flying down
the steepest hill in town
on our bikes
there was a busy road
at the bottom
with no real view
of either direction
the river was directly
on the other side
but pushing off
at the summit
feeling the wobble
as you reached
high speeds
the adrenaline
the fear
of an incoming semi
all combined
to make
a trip
almost worth pedaling
to the top
until the day
bennie got hit
by the station wagon
then we parked our bikes
the rest of the summer
until the sour taste
left our mouths
bennie lived
but he carries the limp
to this day
he is the first to laugh
and ask
if we remember
how fast he was going
before his
sudden stop

6 thoughts on “sudden stop

  1. Yes! Some years ago (as an adult) I bought property on the hill called West Hill outside of town. It’s steep and treacherous for cars (especially in winter) and the fastest you drive is maybe 30mph. There are two hairpins. Anyway, I was car-free and rode my bicycle to and from work. 7 minutes down and 50 minutes up! I remember passing cars going about 45-50 and it’s fucking scary.

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