there was blood pooled
at the edge
of the elevator door
i pressed the button
hoping against hope
a different car
would answer
as the lights flickered above
the stench of copper
buzzing of flies
too loud
filling my skull
coating my tongue
the bell sounds
it is hell
the hellevator
i chuckle
as hellevator echos
in my head
the blood matches
to what looks like
drag marks
into the car
i stand quivering
screams bounce down
the long dark hall behind me
the doors close
i need to move
can’t move
until i hear the motor engage
the car drop
then i press the button again
the screams seem
the stairwell blocked
by a burning couch
the fire alarms disabled
the screams
the blood
the pool
leading into the elevator
the bell sounds
the same
fucking doors
slide open
maybe the others
have been broken
my mind flashes
to limp bodies
laying across the threshold
the doors sliding
into the skulls of the dead
or dying
leaving only this
portal to hell
eight stories up
i enter
hit the button for lobby
close my eyes
silently pray

a voice from above
as the doors close

welcome to hell

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