sometimes i remember that we live in a world without david bowie

sometimes i remember that we live in a world without lemmy

then i realize at one time we had kerouac, bukowski, and thompson all creating at one time

the world was countless typewriter ribbons and a thousand gallons of whiskey lighter, but oh what a world it must have been

and now there is no mitch hedberg to lighten the load

no bill hicks to scream at us into gales of.laughter

we will never hear maya angelou’s take on the state of the world

then i remember that we live in a world without david bowie

and i wonder how the earth still manages to make itself spin

14 thoughts on “bowie

  1. Very well crafted. There are so many posts across all social media platforms about David Bowie right now. I feel it’s often not just about the music/art/writing/acting/ballet etc…of these much treasured folks. It seems to me to be about their personality, their character and how this touched us personally so we have a personal relationship with the person from Camus to Picasso, Freddie Mercury and so on. When they die, part of us dies too. 😊

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  2. I seriously miss David every day. He is like the only celebrity artist I feel deeply connected to… still. David was a cock among little ding-dongs, in more ways than one. What a beautiful human/alien. He was my people all the way. 👽🙌

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  3. The passing of the age of fear and loathing and filth and fury and scarred strangled stardusted banners. The joke’s over. The generation of swine prevailed.

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