we weren’t
two adjoining
puzzle pieces
her the itch
while my pensive hands
scratched furiously
we weren’t
the sun and moon
we just were
like two ancillary stars
just out of frame
pulsing quasars
that tapped
a singular message
of maybe not
but how about
for now

there was
a subtle beauty
to not being more
than stops
on the train
knowing full well
we were not
just a weekend excursion
antique hunting
or lounging
beneath the heavy comforter
as hungry hands
on the available

so it wasn’t
with heavy hearts
or teary eyes
we parted
but a stamp
on the ticket
that proved
even for a brief instance
we existed
in the same realm
no matter
how short
the time
our separate cars
left the station
in hopes
of something
a little more
if a little less

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