reactionary war

they strode
across the snowy fields
a line
across the horizon
rifles over shoulders
feet in step
with the drummer’s
staccato pace

the reactionary war
to perceived
bringing out
the warriors
from behind
their fiercely tapping

the steady call
to not shoot
until they see
the whites of their lies
the indefensible
with the justice
they impose themselves

both sides
are flailing
in the toxic refusal
to seek common ground
yet they
happily launch barbs
in the insane belief
they are correct

left or right
right or wrong
they see enemies
in the haze
of digital
discussionary tactics
going all in
no matter the consequences

while the masters
sit back
growing fatter
commiting atrocities
the foolish masses
will never unite
to untie their stanglehold


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