leap day for the nude traveler seeking home

like a ken doll
melting in the sun
he sat
waiting for his flight
back to texas
staring at the pacific ocean
ignoring the laughter
he ventures
into the sky
the lone nude traveler

the statistic revile
to an extra day
the basic human need
to force the universe
into the constraints
of their limited

it is leap year
in the great open skies
the random seconds
into this barren day
of four year celebration.

the turbulence
sends quivers
across his bare torso
as the clouds
become another surface
he cannot stride across
in all of his
naked glory.

his mind flashes
to pope gregory
the thirteenth.

it is difficult
being forward thinking
in a sphere
trapped in logistical fallacies
to ignore the fingers
of those who
don’t quite understand
the thin line
insanity and salvation.

fly on
nude traveler
on this day
of sullen existence
as your hurtle
through the cold atmosphere
in search of home
these twenty-four hours
are for dreamers.

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