I was writing a summation about my take on the state of the world. Then after reading it realized it was more the plot to a horror novel. Then after that realization hit, I deleted it and wanted to curl up in bed for the next decade or two. Once the lines have blurred enough that fiction and reality are indistinguishable from one another; that is when it is time to try and frantically wake up. I keep telling myself, it is nothing but a dream. The animals whisper to me, ‘it is a new circle of Hell’. All I can do is nod my agreement. Surely, they are wrong as every cell screams they are not. It is just a dream…

it is just a waking nightmare

9 thoughts on “blurry

      1. What annoys me is because my WordPress is stupid I can’t go to your site and like a post. I have to like through the reader feed. So you might see a lot of reads and no likes, lol. Buts it’s a dishonest representation of what I’ll feel. 😛

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  1. “Blurry” the perfect word to describe it all, the more it comes into focus the harder it is to see…….what to focus on, what to blur out, what courage can be found,what kindness can be given.
    No ‘us and them’, only us.


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