a continuing series of ever increasing oddities, part XIX

if a man cries in the forest alone under the baleful glare of the eye of an unfathomable creature manifested in the center of an unworldly spiralling storm

does he make a noise

does the sudden inexplicable knowledge that there is something more

something larger

than the menial life spent in mind numbing labor

that in the end of the day he and his kind are no more than dust mites on the smallest flake of skin hanging morosely off the ass end of anything

and under that now crushing weight he fled as the ocean made its triumphant return to reclaim land lost long ago before an errant lightning bolt struck the primordial ooze and a confused fish flopped onto the newly exposed bit of land and wondered at the sheer unwetness of it all

or something

he was past thought and full into the stage of mind breaking terror

but silently

because no one was around to hear it


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