a continuing series of ever increasing oddities, part XX

now let’s pretend there is a man on the moon


a man on the moon

a moon made out of green cheese

why not

and if there were a man on the moon and for the sake of arguing there is and he lives in a crater on the dark side of the moon but teaches poetry on the light side at an online campus

well if there were this hypothetical man on the moon with a doctorate in english

he would be wondering why not a single student from one particular city wasn’t attending the day’s lecture

see the man on the moon would have no clue what was happening so far below

unless he checked his phone

which he would not

because he is a professional

he just marks them down as absent and goes about his day explaining sonnets

not the worst day

it could be the beginning of the endtimes

instead it was settling into the middle of the endtimes where the preamble has been put to bed and the everything settles into a chilled moment where the faintest hope gleams

fate is mean like that

around now there would be an intermission


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