the survivors

it was day three of the plague enforced spring break

the children with dirty faces and runny noses walked along the empty streets in desperate need for milk and toilet paper

the parents sat alone in the dark staring at their phones as another and then another store was ransacked

trash swirled in the empty stadiums as the sun hovered obesely in the sky like a nuclear sack of fetid waste

it wasn’t like this before

before the virus

before the coughing and low grade fevers swept the globe in a pandemic

nothing would ever be the same after this

even as it all stayed basically the same

just in a panic induced by the idiots that had run the world’s governments into the ground with their blatant fear of science and lust for money

a man coughed into the paper mask he had made from pipe cleaners and the last newspaper still in print in a five county region

this sent the others scattering like ducks from a pond after the first shot rang out over the placid waters

this wasteland that was once so fertile all of a week and a half ago echoed the sighs of millions as the talking heads of state did little to alleviate the fears

one day in the far future

when a new creature ascends the food chain and slowly develops a society of its own they will find the reminders of the once somewhat okay human race and read in horror

of the survivors

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