simple things

the most complex things are made up of the most simple things at the center of the core.

yet sometimes the most simple things are overly convoluted by an inability to separate the two.

as the basic human needs cannot be met without complex human interactions in the modern age.

we barter our trades as service to be taxed by a third party then paid in slips that represent gold.

the world is a tangled knot of very important threads that we worry with misunderstanding hands.

and they wonder why some of us get lost in the beauty of chaos when the skeins meander about.

we are all just complex organisms made of the same simple building blocks masked by flesh and scars.

unable to differentiate the things that make us alike because of the visual impotence that colors all.

i just need a nap and a month of silence to wrangle the stream of words that threaten to drown.

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