another bitter worker’s lament

mostly everyone in the company i work for is working from home. they can do everything over the web. then there is us techs. we read the emails warning that it is for the best if everyone avoids everyone else for the next few weeks. as we, the lesser than, get sent out, much like the workers gathering the bodies of the dead in the middle ages, no concern for our general well being. we are disposable, the ones with dedicated skill sets in using our hands. lesser than the ones in ivory towers. only remembered when we don’t do something. when we balk at the divide between. a front line defense casually thrown away for the betterment of the chosen few. our toils line their pockets as they stare down through the protective layers. immune to the fear. two percent raises dangling in front of needy hands that cannot afford the basic necessities in need of just more than they will give yet stuck because they give just enough to barely survive. when one falls there are five lined up to take his place. willing to fall on the sword for the masters that cast the dispersions. emails saying to be safe as they tell us to navigate the minefields. hoping that in the settled mess after an explosion, a nugget of gold is revealed. the machine fails if the gears snap no matter how sure the ones flipping levers are of their designs. they lament the laziness of the broken while sipping champagne and moving pieces on the board.

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