two travelers and bad word play

his father’s name
was sam
a poor dirt farmer
from a long line
of dirt farmers

he grew up watching
as his father get older
as the world
spun around them
without notice

he dreamt of more
than stinging grit
in the wind
bill collectors
and sore muscles

he would
travel the world
see the sights
swim in the oceans
meet the people

she was named
after her grandmother delila
a woman of beauty
and a pillar
of strength

she also dreamt
of more
than the world
had ever given
her family

she wanted to see
the lands
she had only read about
in the books
in her musty library

she would travel
far and wide
to leave her mark
on every obtuse corner
of the globe

then one day
a random stop
put them both
in the same gas station
in the same little town

neither believed
in love at first sight
yet both
found themselves
inexplicably stricken

suddenly two dreams
became one
as they discovered
their matching halves
when sam’s son met delila

now they explore
the world
with fingers
twined together
living their dream as one

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