wait bracket

in the darkest night
their hieratic spirits
envelope me
in a cocoon
of devilish intent
through the halls
i scream
hunched over
a quasimodo for modern times
frankenstein’s monster
let loose
on a global stage
a one man pandemic
of lucid nightmares
bedazzled with stardust
fucktassels applied tightly
waiting for my fifteen minutes
of shameless
self aggrandizing

the gym smells
like dirty feet
and brill cream
as the savage teens
twist the night away
it twists my guts
into nautical knots
flaming through harsh
spectral ridicule
before transitioning
to mean-spirited cockfighting
of which i am
an amateur competitor
at best
good for my
wait bracket
but that rhode island red
has a score to settle
over the omelette i made
with egg substitution
but somehow
got the math all wrong

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