rainy dream

the thunder awoke me
from vaguely
insidious dreams of
things lurking
just off in the black haze
that i found myself
lost within

i was calling out to you
my hoarse voice catching
only to be absorbed
spat back mockingly
by the things that watch
with unblinking ebony orbs

when i woke
the rain falling on the cars
the pillow i clutched
as a makeshift you
the miles of empty bed
all laid down in my chest
with a profound stabbing sadness

still the thunder shook
so i folded a pillow over my head
to let the raindrops
like sharpened claws
on the car roofs
take me either to find you
or the creatures in the haze

my subconscious mind
heard my half woken pleas
as i found myself lost again
you stepped out to greet me
frantically i leapt to your embrace
your all black eyes

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