lemon scented hellfire

i woke up feeling
like a balloon
knotting itself
because of leaky
torn between
maintaining shape
flying loose
across the skies
stuck in
the incidental
half thought out
measures between

twisted like a
balloon sculpture
in the shaky hand writing
of a non-believer
scribbling scripture
to keep the devil
i am coming
as i seek to
reimagine hell
as a sea of flame-side
frozen cubes of lethe
in umbrella drinks
by the tepid waters
of the phlegethon

i woke up
with desperate need
to tell you
i love you
not just whisper it
in the future hope
you know the truth
behind my words
i woke up
in hell
with visions of heaven
i woke up
if i slept
i made lemon bars
because i spent all day
needing your lips
i use sun kissed citrus
as a proxy

i woke up
i woke up
i woke up

knotted up
seeking to deflate
too late to see
it is too early
too early to understand
it is too late
too far gone
to ever find salvation
too content
to let my feet
find purchase
on the familiar
trail of sin
that calls
to the ink splotches
on the dark side
of understanding
hell is an allusionary concept
to put the bitter bite
of everything falling apart
into perspective

i still demand
the succor of your lips
as the citrus burns
my scurvicious
mouth of lies

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