day three, morning

she sat
weeping as
the cold air
as she tugged her
(exist ten)shawl(dread)
tightly over her
bony shoulders
as bitter tears
turn to
dirty smears
upon her
lined cheeks

a chance encounter
on another
sleepless walk
i needed coffee
she needed food
so now we sit
under the less than
hospitable stares
at the counter
me with
an endless pot
her with
a bottomless hunger

she tells me
of the good old days
that seem less golden
in the tarnished light
of current situations
but that smile
still sparkles
in her moss colored eyes
she is loud
so i go louder
daring the manager
to shush us

she gives me
a funny look
as she pushes
her plate away
this good deed
gonna get you
to heaven,
young man
i can only laugh
pretty sure
i am going
a good bit warmer

she smiles again
a smile
that makes you believe
there is more
to this world
than what we are given
even if we
don’t appreciate it
most of the time
excuses herself
to the restroom
to refresh herself

so i do
the only thing
i can
slip the twenty
from my wallet
into the pocket
of my hoodie
order her some food
for the road
pay the bill
and scribble a note
on a scrap
of paper

this damn jacket
is too small
in the shoulders
and my eyes
were bigger
than my stomach
thank you for the company
coffee can be
a might lonely thing
so early in the morning
i will likely be by again
in the morning
maybe i will see you

i snuck out the door
a piss poor thief
in the night
only to hear her yell
hey, yankee
i turn with a smile
this wasn’t a date
i nod, no way
such a lovely lady
would go on a date
with someone
as goofy looking as me

her laughter
filled my heart
as i walked back
to the hotel
maybe the trip
wasn’t such
a bad thing
after all
maybe sometimes
we are right
where we need to be
even if we can’t
suss that out ourselves

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