unfuflilled harvest

the world rings
the rains
continue to fall
in the blank spaces
errant spatters
unblinking eyes trace
ready to strike

i lay here
the elements
the storm
staring into
the ceaseless night
that rests
just behind
your unabandoned

in you
i become less
in your
tumultuous aura
radiating waves
of colorless
irradiated rancor
battered by
unoccupied dismalities

i dissolved
my emotional
into the clear
waters of past
a solution bearing
no answers
as tremors
dance down
twitching limbs

i cannot sleep in my own bed, find no succor in the emptiness that has permeated the once sacred cave, letting the cold stream flood through these vascular failings, aware that these things that are lacking, these missing bits, scraped off scabs that fall like cockroach husks to cover the hardwood floor, crunching with every tentative step in the darkness of her formerly well lit adoration, the sign in her eyes flipped to closed, lost in this itchy land of unfulfilled harvests, empty silos that once promised none would ever starve again, another fool’s gambit to keep the masses moving farther from where they long to be

i am so very tired of sleeping with only agony to share my bed, the pillows soaked with dreamtears, cheeks chapped from the steady rain

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