kennesaw stroll (home)

just above freezing as i stand waiting for light to change there is no traffic but the conditional training keeps me rooted to a the cracked concrete shivering as the wind gusts mockingly

the lady at the waffle house knows my name as do the two regulars as i saddle up to the counter for middle of the night electrified tar to thaw the frost on my blueish bare legs

i don’t want to be here, i want to be far away, home but not the one i rent, the one where i hold her right and whisper my love into her ear, where i can love her extra hard for her birthday

but that isn’t on the agenda so i sip two to a dozen cups as the words scream but i tamp them down down down to stew in madness to be harnessed after work with purpose

frozen longing in the ineptitude of my dismal soul as the lights of the sleeping city mock my inability to sleep past two hours in a stretch as i toss through ground based turbulence

i just want out of here

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