lines no one understands

we lay together
the sheets tangled around
our heaving chests
her legs tangled
through mine
the moon
playing peeping tom
the open blinds
my hand
gently running down
her spine

i could love you
she said softly
into my chest

i replied
in confusion

she pushed off of me
the storm building
in her eyes
as she stared at me
in the beginning
stages of anger

you want to know

i nodded
of her confusion
but not taken back
by her anger
she was prone
to fits
of screaming
of jealousy
of passion
with a penchant
for pain

you poets
are all the same
writing lines
no one understands
to wile away
a woman’s defenses
to fuck us
then pen an ode
then forgot our names
not understanding
that we don’t fuck you
for sport
not the second
or eighth time
at least
then have the nerve
to question
a statement of love

i frowned

that wasn’t
a statement
a hypothetical
you said
you could love me
not that
you do love me

my head rocked back
against the pillow
as she slapped me
across the cheek
i rubbed gingerly
at my sore face
to keep the smile
from cracking
the surprise

that’s funny to you

i let out
a wry chuckle

we both know
that is just
setting up
for round two

she swung
her hand again
i gently
caught her wrist
kissed her palm
her other hand
came darting
yet i managed
to catch it
as well
and kissed it too

this was
our little game
we fuck
we fight
we fuck
we go away
until one
or both
the fun to be had
the cycle
begins anew

i could
love you too
i whisper
as her teeth
find my neck
as her wetness
slides down along
my hard

maybe we do
i think
as we lay
tangled together

maybe we
just have
a damn peculiar
of showing it

i just know
i am too
damned tired
for another go
so i let
my fingers
do the business
as she writhes
against me

another line
no one
will understand
comes to life
inside my mind

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