a lone raven
on the hood
of the gray car
in the empty
parking lot
with a cocked head
at the fool
with a cocked head
as they stare
a connection
passes between
a bond of sorts
as the two
lonely creatures
turn to watch
the cardinals
and the blue jays
to one another
of colder climates
far away
as they build nests
in the bushes
the boarded up
car wash
next to
the dilapidated
wooden frame
that once housed
a dumpster
on the cracked
concrete slab
the raven turns
back toward
the fool
that still stares
at the darting
reds and blues
never quite seeing
he is a raven
without a murder
like the one
on the hood
of the gray car
sitting in
an empty parking lot
on a cool
texas morning

6 thoughts on “murderless

    1. They are so smart. I try to be respectful when one gets curious around me. I’d love to have one as a companion. Perched behind me squawking when it doesn’t like a line. One day, Mike, one day


      1. I too love and respect them, they are considered the to be the Trickster in First Nation stories in the Pacific Northwest.
        There is a strange phenomenon in the small town that I live, every other year or so we have white ravens appear….you can google them the photographer is Mike Yip

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          1. if you haven’t heard of him google Canuck the crow from Vancouver….he was owned in a free sort of way by a man….he was involved in a police case also (he stole the knife) sadly he is missing and presumed dead as he had no fear of humans. You would love his story.

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