there is nothing at all

staring down the barrel
of self defeat
hating every word
that falls from these
maggot lips to form
frost across the dead
embers that settled
on the more meaningless
parts that make up
this petrified tree
gnarled branches giving
only rotted offerings
to the neon wasteland
of accrued uglinesses
in double helixed atrophy.

i turn to mud turn to dust
from these molten rivulets
scarring my carefully made
mask of insecurities while
the oceans boil beneath my
absent longings;

there is nothing where once
there was a person shaped
void of dissonance~

there is nothing but the salt
of the sea crusted over top
misconstrued sighs~

there is nothing but lacking
as phantom waves roll lazily
over universal disdain.

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