foolosophy 102

someone said
it is always darkest
before dawn
which tells me
they have never
sat in sunlight
and felt
even more alone
in the waking world
than sobbing
in bed hoping
for a small break
in this constant
of agonized hells
pummelling them
like a thousand
spider bites
on every inch
of their own
insipid soulstutter

no, i don’t prescribe
to the notion
it is always darkest
before the dawn
it is too contrite
and for some of us
the dawn never arrives
its like saying
we return to stardust
when we have had
our organs bagged
our blood drained
filled with chemicals
and dropped into
a six foot hole
which seems awfully
fucking far
from turning back
to cosmic flakes
but don’t take your
philosophical advice
from a goddamned poet
they’re the type
to just write shit
to seem deep
or maybe to steal
some kisses.


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