the blood
on my knuckles
reminds me
no matter how
i may have
become in the
downward spiral
my heart still
wheezes along
despite the
weight pulling me

how long
had it been
since we last said
we needed
to talk
more often
before we both
got busy
losing each other
in incessant
that always flourished
in the presence
of our dark halos?

if i could
have spoken to you
you made
the hardest choice
i would never
think to
beg you to
i would have told you
i love you
and maybe it didn’t
always seem like it
you made my life
for having been in it.

i am greater
for having
been a part
of your life
and the entire
goddamned world
is lesser
in your passing
the sun seemed
this morning
and the birds
were missing notes.

you’d laugh
at me
for these tears
that keep
and i would give
my left ventricle
to hear that
one more time
but you’re going
into a box
and i am
still spiralling

6 thoughts on “downdowndown

      1. I’m sorry for the pain of your loss. Life is a collection of random acts of senseless nonsense that doesn’t understand it often hurts. It just is. Sometimes it’s enough; sometimes it’s too little or too much. May you come to peace with it.

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