hey dad

another father’s day
spent wondering
if you knew how much
you shaped me
into whatever it is
i have become
every other weekend
trying to live up
to the example
that you set
just without the
alcohol enhancement
i have kept your
tradition alive
of crushing hugs
and small things that
show how much they mean
i tell them stories
about you
at least the ones
they are old enough
to listen to

the struggle is hard
but you taught me
to always put my
loved ones first
so they never know
how much we tend to
have to go without

i miss you very much
you never got to meet
the kids or the poet
that owns my heart
you missed out
on so many things
but every single day
the lessons you taught
are put into action
so it is like you never
died and left me to
figure out the rest

a bottle of old spice
a carton of cigarettes
and a twelve pack
the offering given
to you every year

if you are watching
we love you
i hope there is cold
beer wherever you are
the bears win each game
jimmy buffett plays all day
and you are smiling
making fun of the angels
and friends with all
that cross your path

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