leidenfrost effect

i have gone
on record
the plethora
of flaws
faults and
that have
always led
to the fool
tossed aside
by the ones
that promised
to never go

maybe it is
an error of physics
this inverse
the secret power
to repel
to repeal
to render
love null

perhaps it is
a case of
my heart burns
so intensely
in my molten core
and every lady
has cold water
to protect themselves
from imprinting
leaving me
pining as they
slowly fade away
the layer of liquid
forced beyond
its boiling point
so quickly that
the layer of steam
keeps them unharmed
able to feel
the hell gurgle
admire sheer ferocity
then rethink
the defintion of

it is likely
a lie i whisper
in the silence
when the ceiling
tires of my droning
and sleep is off
cavorting in other
beds across town
or maybe
it is the steam
keeping my mind
from seeing my own
horrible truth
that’s for smarter
minds than mine
for i am just
a simple poet
longing for more
in a land of
decreasing returns

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