darwinian circumstance

i sat
watching the sea
at the edge
of a cliff
as the sun
rose angrily
as thoughts
of falling
ever down
teased me
dreaming of
taking to
the currents
like a
sinking slow

i sat
watching the sky
as the sea
ate away at
the cliff
and stars fell
at the vast
expanse of
ebony emptiness
pressing down
to crush me
dreaming of
taking flight
in the breeze
like an
running free

trapped betwixt
desires of
flying or drowning
unable in this
unchosen form
a flightless
shamefully unbuoyant
accident waiting
for the call
to puruse dream
in a fragile state
of unnatural dejection
one genetic marker
away in an
unhatched egg
untapped potential
ill equipped for joy

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