i drink my coffee black because her smile is the only sweetness necessary

maybe wearing a shirt
with camus on it
as my head tries its
damnedest to kill me
as weak sunlight
filters through
the blinders strapped
to my ugly face
sipping bitter coffee
that reflects my mood
far more efficiently
than terrible verse
could hope to summate
was a poor choice
but i woke up
strapped to the wall
of a gravitron
and the operator smiles
at me with three
blackened teeth that
look more like tombstones
than the weathered
edifices left unattended
by people that cling
to life so desperately
they have lost what
it means to be alive
but that leads to more
questions no one
wants the answers to
dig too deeply and
you run the risk of
alienating the reader
expound too much and
they see the fool
huddled in a ball
wearing a bright pink
camus shirt that says
more than the last
five thousand missives
that fell on deaf ears

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