tragedy of life

i don’t fear
heaven nor hell
because i see
nothing can be
worse than
spending a life
controlled by
chemicals in a
slowly degenerating
sack of meat

so i am not kind
in an effort to woo
an invisible force
that has not once
tried to woo me
i believe in kindness
as a way of living
because being
a good person costs
absolutely nothing
and everyone else
is in the same state
whether they choose
to acknowledge it
or cling to ideals
beyond their scope

don’t expect me
to turn the other
cheek though
strike at me
or the ones i love
and i will make
the myths of hell
seem pleasant

none of us hold
any significance
except with those
in which we regularly
interact with
even then it can be
a fleeting thing
so why not try to
maintain civility
or at least try and
keep your mouth shut

we are all dying
some of us choose
to face eternity
with a smile
and random acts
of kindness
other grow bitter
and forget to seize
the fleeting moments
that make up this
tragedy of life

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