lilac lethargy

suffocated by the falling
blossoms, the lilac perfume
ensnares the sinus, building
pressure behind empty eyes,
an allergenic catastrophe in
lavender hued dissidence

limbs weighted down with
yellowed pollen, a swollen
faced fool playing bumblebee,
defying physics to float on
the summer winds of molten
rage towards restless dismay

the church bells ring out over
the sleepy town, as insomnial
lethargy dances in pins and
needles over gray skin, the
damned deny the sweet salvation
in this gaping wound of sin

he screams into the vacancy
above, cursing the forces of
intangible intricacies, demanding
reparations for a lifetime of
petty jabs, seeking solace in
silent epitaphs of granite pain

disembodied, disemboweled, he
scribbles incoherent miseries
with no rhyme nor reason,
knowing his love sits sleepily
too far from his aching arms,
unable to offer more than words

the lilac petals swirl, a
blizzard of lavender induced
madness, sickly sweet in the
stale warmth, as the bells toll
a desperate song of surrender,
suffocating in baleful denial

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