an indecent descent into deceit

she is a contradiction
in condescending descent
off the rails, calling out
for any and every
set of eyes to bare witness
to a tragedy of half truth
playing out in double time
irredeemable detritus
the ring of filth floating
recycled vendettas wrapped
in abhorrent design
bereft of basic kindness
banality in broken verse
crying alligator sobs as she
begins another death roll
blaming the corpses for
disturbing the placid swamp
filling the cracks in each
less believable tale with
insinuated irresponsibility

a garter snake desperate to
be a cobra unwilling to admit
the venom is a facade
unable to see that she is
poisonous in her rancid deceit
heroically playing the villain
casting dispersions due to
a lacking of basic honesty

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