an offset
muddying the
results of my
seeking the
bubblegum heart
in this fetid
city of off colored
rancorous silences

it seems that
no matter how hard
i kick my legs
the swingset is
incapable of pushing
past the zenith
beginning the fabled
death spiral
that plagues my dreams

somewhere out there
a faucet drips
the last thirsty gasp
as another candle
is snuffed
while every other
vehicle on the road
is the exact same
make and model
and i think maybe
the simulation is glitched
but everyone else
just drives like
fucking assholes
oblivious to the end times

i seek the power button
to cut the cord
wireless distribution
the carefully shielded
cardiac array
i am the virus
the demon
the pale rider
seeking everyday solutions
to existential crisis

and there is noise
the signal
as i try to
happiness from
this roadmap of
sorrowful veins
watching maroon vehicles
copy and paste themselves
along the desolate
highway leading
even further
from home


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