the sun is rotten with maggots

the alkaline taste
of batteries
floods my mouth
a tension forms
at the base of my skull
i can feel it
a maelstrom of pain
as it percolates
along the tepid edge
of my tender pleading

will o’wisps of ash
dance at the corners
as my eyes lose focus
and the thunderstorm
echos in the distance

the best reaction to
this overdose of undue
agonies drifting
steadily to overtake
basic function from
a cavernous skull
filled with obscene
interactions with pain
would be silence
a cocoon of darkness
to swaddle my mind

the actuality of this
impoverished life-like
palindrome of insular
insignificance is
continuing on through
a day of petty regrets
earning the scraps
which i must use
to half stave the
starvation as it creeps
steadily forward
ignorant or uncaring
of lavender lightning
sending painshivers through
this obscurence of
obscene indignations

i take a handful of advil
when a moment with you
wrapped in my arms
would alleviate the woes
of another bout of this
deeply depressive ache

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