anxiously absurd (the morning coffee is thick as pitch)

a lack of sleep
due to constant sneezing
brought on by
the mobius strip of
schroedinger’s cats
wheeling infinitely
in a state of half life
through my thundering
head of potential worries

anxiety is a gateway
to absurdism without bound
as every impossible scenario
plays out in strikingly
detailed minutiae

i have become
a fractured scholar
too poor and unmotivated
to attend classes
self taught through reading
the trial in error
not understanding that
the metamorphosis
was an outlier
to true brilliance cloaked
in frantic paranoia

an anxious absurdist
cloaking nihilism in
outlandish impossibility
to shield the mind from
the ever pervading
instance of nothingness
always hovering
just outside the peripheral

an ambiguous roads collar
transfixed on finding
the shortest distance from
my heart to her’s
yet sending painful shocks
through my vocal cords
whenever the words try to
fall over maggot lips

a lack of sleep attacking
my selfless sense of
self induced vacillating
from woe to wonder
selfishly seeking solace
in the subtle silence
that is all that watches
uncaring from above

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