a storm comes to the valley of sundered lies (a taste of (un)requited, out now)

the rains began
out over the mountains
the jagged spires
that dare pierce
the emptiness
of the heavens
awash in reticence
as the gales pound
the ancient stone
the tall grass sways
in the valley
as the birds of prey
take flight
in search of rabbits
frantically seeking
in the cool soil
starless night
of roots and tubers
the branches
of the willow
slap angrily
like the locks
of the old sea-witch
flailing through
the turbulent seas
with gnarled fangs
dripping bile
onto the seafloor
ink colored tears
flow freely
from seafoam colored eyes
yet the tongues of lightning
lick the air
with static indulgence
as the thunder booms
of retribution
threatening all
in old testament tones
as the anger above
the land of sin
a deep cleansing ritual
of tooth and nail
with unbridled fury
as smoking cinders
from oaken stumps
dance like fireflies
upon a summer wind
laying all assunder
with indifferent
an unholy pall
filled with stark
the mountains watch
the indignity
of false fulfillment

(un)requited is available now

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