they don’t see corpses, just dollar signs

the latest
military debacle
in a series of
military debacles
the never ending
war machine
doesn’t care if
the results are
wins or losses
since the nazis
the ominous threats
have been a series
of pissing contests
measuring dicks
and pretending at virtue
makes me remember
the vietnam vets
with haunted eyes
i grow up around
young men drafted
forced into a conflict
no one supported
the forgotten souls
that saw endless
atrocities in the green
brought home broken
then treated like shit
by those unenscripted

in the endless pursuit
of trading souls
for fields of oil
we lose more than just
the lights snuffed out
the war machine
doesn’t profit the ones
sent to die
too far from home
for reasons that
do not approach the truth
it fattens the pigs
that run the asylum
behind the scenes
a snake forced
to eat itself
as they smoke cigars
and plan their escape
from the planet
they consumed in their
avaricious hunger

10 thoughts on “they don’t see corpses, just dollar signs

  1. Come on, man. All this thinking for yourself is completely unnecessary. Pick a side, turn on the TV, and do what you are told. Blind obedience to a tribe is your only salvation.

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