burned out and filled with ugliness

divinity drips in
fat ugly swells
from every fetid pore
corpseflesh in various
states of putrefaction
a salient sentience
pervades the tepid
aloofness in ragged
relapsed reanimations
dragging the rusted blade
down the heaving chest
of flayed innocence
blowfly larva squirms
through layers of
liquefied meatpuppets
a hastily dug pit
filled with dismembories
soiled dream in stagnation
among the severed limbs
an astute summation of
ugliness in the divine
as the wildlife sups
on the bones of beauty

i shake my head
ashes fall
from my ears
to dust my beard
a sanguine exhaustion
drowns the screams
i am unaware
tear loose
from my throat

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