faded and benign

the car
a reflection of my soul
a mess piled
on every available surface

a boot, a hole in the toe, a daisy grows through the worn leather, two coconuts, cracked, leaking spoiled milk to drown a chain of paper dolls with cigarette burns where their hearts once beat, a prayer unspoken, flowery prose unheard, a hermit crab with a discared coffe cup shell, the scabs of childhood hauntings, a bottle of fabric softener, and the dreams of sparrows in a plain paper sack

a riding lawnmower
lost in the tall grass
between the lanes
in the sheer destruction left with every pass
an aquanaut submerged in lashing cattails
cast off
tears leaking from the eye of god

i am a saxophone
half buried
in a mountain of trash
except for the memory
of disharmonious


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