hover not for the webs entangle

a stagnancy permeates
the predawn lucidity
a sleepless pressure
a franticness instigated
in the lost hour
of silent reproach

of teeth of dream of heaven
broken broken broken
logisitical fallacies in brazen
shades of nightfall
dusky hints of terminal neurosis
the fecund mindscape of brutally self inflicted malaises

my mind skips across the placid puddles
ripples ever widening
a drop of intensity
blanketing the soundscape between
locked jaw and spasming limb
the odometer twitches with every full body revolution in the pleading hope for one more unbroken hour to at least string together three between thunderous ovations raging through cranial spaces

coated in mold
flakes of dead skin hover motionless in the stillborn peace of stagnant moonblossoms wilted as they push painfully through every crevice
drawing precious nutrients from irregular heartsoundings
while spiders knit webs to capture the dreamshatter gnats spinning dizzily in the onset regurgitation of light

the water table is too high
to commence digging for truth
a flood of brackish cold
insinuates itself insistently
as the clock ticks on
the last seconds of silent denial


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