swollen taste bud dragging across a broken tooth

every third bird glitches
winking in and out
static flashes
each car is the same make same model same color indistinct drivers exude boredom
i dissassociate from dissociating
i am numb
the days are summer
each night kissed by winter
i oscillate
generating electricity in eye blinks
sending a morse code cry for help
flashing streetlights spell my doom as my madness drools over my overripe lips

when i say there is
an impossible depth in my emotion
i mean a swirling black hole with gravitational fluctuations drawing every photon from eyes crinkled in smile

i am death
i am disease
a half chewed dog toy of indigestible needs
a bag of broken glass
a string of baby teeth slowly choking the life out of the party
feeling too much
all of the time
trapped in a lofi depression simulator
there is no escape
all exits lead to the beginning again


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